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When You Fall, Look Around You

By Anderson Smyth-Trider, Grade 11
If you’ve grown up playing sports, 你必须是最幸运的人之一,没有经历过失败. 我用“失败”这个词只是用来形容你当时可能还没有达到目标的经历. However, I do not believe it is failure, but I will come back to this.
I grew up playing all sports, but playing hockey was my passion. 当我11岁的时候,我终于可以尝试参加竞技曲棍球了. I ended up being cut from three separate tryouts, and instead played house league or recreational hockey. What I learned, though, would always remain with me. 我那一年的搭档有学习障碍,以前从未穿过冰鞋, but he was the happiest and most encouraging teammate. 我学会了尊重和善良对待每个人的价值,不管他们的能力如何.
The following year, I made the competitive team.
But history would repeat itself; at age 12 I was again cut from the top team but still played competitively on the tier 2 team. However, I ended up meeting one of my best friends on that team. 我学会了拥抱眼前经历的价值. 
The following year, I made the competitive team.
13岁时, I was cut again from the top team, 但我效力的那支小球队最终成为了我最喜欢的曲棍球队之一. 我有一位最鼓励我、最积极的教练,直到今天我还和他保持着联系. 我也遇到了一些我最好的朋友,我将与他们分享一生的纽带. 那一年,我学会了相信自己,并设定了许多未来的目标. 
The following year, I arrived at Stanstead, 我为新的挑战和环境感到兴奋,这将推动我做到最好. 我从第三队开始,在接下来的两年里一直在预备队打球. 虽然, I would not be moving up to the varsity team, 这些年的冰球运动教会了我很多东西,其中最重要的一课就是保持专注,坚持自己的目标.
回到开头,这些经验都不能被认为是失败的. They all taught me something. It does not matter how many times you fall down, 总有东西要学,总有前进的空间.
In the end it is you versus yourself; you have to be willing to accept the challenges and keep the determination to keep moving forward, to get what you want, and not lose to yourself.
My mother is a therapist and an athletics mental performance coach. 我十岁的时候,她给我讲了你体内有两只狼的故事. Here's the story:
 An old man is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.
“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, 嫉妒, 悲伤, 后悔, 贪婪, 傲慢, 自怜, 内疚, 怨恨, inferiority, 谎言, false pride, 优势, 与自我.” 
He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, 和平, 爱, 希望, 宁静, 谦卑, 善良, 仁, 同理心, 慷慨, 真理, 同情, 和信仰. 
The old man simply replied, “The one you feed.”
WHICH WOLF ARE YOU FEEDING?  We always have a choice.