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从你出生的那一天起,直到你最终死去的那一天, 你要面对数百万人, 甚至可能有数十亿种选择. Some of these choices are as simple as choosing to snooze or not to snooze your alarm on Monday morning or even as easy as picking what color socks to wear that day.
However, there are also some difficult choices in life, and these can be seen as crossroads. 你在这些十字路口做出的决定可以塑造你这个人. 作为人类,我们的行为和选择定义了我们. People will choose to judge or praise you based on what you decide to do at these crossroads. 但你可能想知道当你遇到他们时该怎么做? Let me tell you a little bit about my experiences with making difficult choices before answering that question.

Lately it seems I’ve had a lot more of these life-altering choices than usual. These choices I had to make felt like the first real adult choices of my life. 选择如何处理我的冰球生涯? 决定去哪里上大学? 选择大学毕业后我想要什么样的生活? These are all questions that I’ve had to juggle with in the past couple months. 让我告诉你,这并不容易.
我花了很多很多个不眠之夜思考这些问题. 我和家人讨论过很多次, 朋友, mentors and my girlfriend on what direction I now want to go with my life. 一开始并没有意识到, 我进行这些讨论是因为我害怕做出错误的选择, 所以我想让他们帮我选.
It was only after talking to my godmother that I finally realized that none of it mattered. 我唯一应该听的声音是我自己的. 唯一知道自己想要什么的人是我自己.
我现在可以自豪地说,这些决定都是我自己做的. 如果不成功,那就顺其自然吧. I will be able to look myself in the mirror and have no regrets knowing that I at least made the best choice I could at the time.

At our age we often think the choices we make will stick with us for the rest of our lives. 我们让它看起来比实际大. Being afraid of making the wrong choice sometimes prevents us from making the right one. 但所有这些选择并不是一成不变的. 例如, the career choices we make at 17 years old when choosing what to study at university seems like they'll last forever, 但在现实中, 你可以失败, make mistakes and try different things until you find your passion and the thing that makes you happy.

So to answer the question from earlier, what should you do when you reach these certain crossroads? All I can tell you is to trust your guts and accept your choices, for better or worse. 英国特种作战团之一, 通常被称为特种空勤团或SAS, 有一个口号与这个信息产生了共鸣:“谁敢赢?.”  It’s a slogan I was reminded of many times by my father when facing crossroads. 对我来说,这句口号意味着在面临艰难抉择时敢于冒险, learning how to live in the uncomfortable in order to ultimately surpass your limits. 超越这些限制会让你成为最好的自己. 只有通过冒险,你才能发挥你真正的潜力.

Let me leave you today with a couple words of inspiration: Dare to follow your dreams. 敢于挑战自我. 敢于与众不同. 敢于失败. 敢于做出艰难的选择.