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Express Your True Self

By Shicheng "David" Dong, Grade 12
We are born with different genetics. We are born with various characteristics and qualities. 我们每一个人,不仅是人类,这个星球上的所有生物,都是独一无二的. 然而,就像其他群居动物一样,我们倾向于模仿周围人的行为.
In old centuries of 中国, men braided their hair. In old centuries of Europe, men wore skirts. 更传统的说法是,人们认为地球是平的. 生活在这些地区的人们在某些时期受到某些规则的限制. 任何反对或违反规定的人都将被判处死刑.
如今,男人和女人穿的衣服种类繁多,这是很常见的. 你甚至可以看到男人编辫子或穿裙子. 为什么? Because the world is changing. People developed new ideas to replace the old ones. But does that mean these old traditions were eradicated? No, because we live in a world of freedom. 人们有权利决定他们想穿什么或者他们怎么想.  
当我第一次来到体育菠菜大平台时,我对这个陌生的环境感到很陌生. I wanted to avoid attention from others. One way to do so was to copy what others do, following others’ preferences for snacks, clothing, even music. Whenever teachers asked an open question in class, I always responded with the same idea as other students.
Did it make my life easier? Yes, it did. However, it exhausted me. It forced me to act the same way as others. I was afraid that if I did something different, I would be treated as a “weirdo,” that I would probably lose my friends. It also kept me from knowing who I actually was.
回来 in the day, 我总是为某些日子感到兴奋,因为学校会鼓励全校学生穿一些“疯狂”的衣服. 我很高兴能穿自己风格的衣服,而不会被认为是一个心态奇怪的人. Later, I realized that my strategy for life was a failure. 所以我试着做一些改变,让我周围的东西更像大卫的风格.
And it turns out that the world wasn’t as bad as I thought. My friends are still my friends, sometimes they make fun of some of my behaviour, but overall it’s nothing but jokes.
Stanstead College is a place full of cultural diversity. 不仅是体育菠菜大平台,整个世界的文化也越来越多元化. 鼓励人们在公开场合充分表达自己. Being yourself is never an embarrassing thing, it should be something that makes you proud, because many people are not capable of doing that. People don’t actually care what you do, and even if there are some comments behind the scenes, 不在乎别人怎么看你,会让你更强大.