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For those of you who don’t recall or for all of you new to school this year, 去年我谈到了文化 这个伟大的地方有多么奇妙的多样性啊, 在每个角落找到一个好故事是多么容易. I left off talk荷兰国际集团(ing) about all the opportunities that 边境上大学 has, 我就从这里开始. 
在这个地方,你有机会做你自己. This is the place I had the chance to start again and turn my life 180°. (对于那些不太喜欢数学的人来说,只是一个转身.) My last years back at home had been really hard for me, and this place felt like a relief. What I’m try荷兰国际集团(ing) to say is that no matter how many friends you had before, 你有多想念你的家人, how many subjects you failed or how many days straight you went without mak荷兰国际集团(ing) your bed, this place gives you the chance to be 你的elf and 生活 your best life. 
抓住机会向别人、向地方学习 他们来自他们的家庭,他们的传统. 你甚至会意识到这些 从你自己的国家还是 甚至 城市 可能 生活 一个更 更多的不同 文化 你的. 到Embrac荷兰国际集团(ing) 多样性 will not only give you the opportunity to understand but also to 与周围的人建立一种团结和归属感.   
Make as many friends as you can—in sports, in class, at lunch, in residence, everywhere! 不要犹豫向老师寻求帮助. 我知道有些人可能看起来像怪物(我不想说出名字), but all of them are great people who are will荷兰国际集团(ing) to help you anytime and give up so much of their time to see you smile. Respond back to them by hav荷兰国际集团(ing) a big smile and 生活 your best. 
对我们中的一些人来说,这是这本书的最后一章. 有些人只来一两年. 你们中的一些人可能在这里还有很长的路要走, but the most important th荷兰国际集团(ing) is to 生活 every day to the fullest. Yes, you have to follow some rules, be on time for sign-ins (right, Bugbee?)完成作业,然后在CW课上被Marino骂. 但请记住,没有人能像你一样支配你的生活. 
For the past four years, I’ve 生活d every s荷兰国际集团(ing)le one of them like it was the last. Now, this is actually my last, and I will make sure I have no regrets over any s荷兰国际集团(ing)le second. 这里是你可以学着生活的地方, 笑, 哭, 甚至爱(是的, 有些人玩得很开心). 但我希望你们全年都能记住这一点. 尽可能多地制造回忆. Value everyth荷兰国际集团(ing) you have, and remember, everyone has a story to be told. 我们所有人都是一个大家庭! 
我叫Mau Lopez. 欢迎来到体育菠菜大平台.